Technology Transfer Office


The major functions of the NHRI's Technology Transfer Office (TTO) are to manage and to promote the acquired intellectual properties of the Institutes. By way of the technology transfer mechanism, it aims to fulfill the following missions of the NHRI:

TTO acts as a vehicle to channel NHRI's research accomplishments to the needs of the industries to transform the Institutes' intellectual properties into commercial products and services. TTO's major functions include:


Anticipations and Prospects

The NHRI TTO vows to sustain the idea of being "The Manager of Intellectual Properties" to effectively plan and administer intellectual assets by way of our professionalism. By combining NHRI's research accomplishments together with the need of the industry, commercialization of the intellectual properties into products and services will create a great deal of remarkable market values. Moreover, profit generated from technology transfer can further support the Institute's research associates to work on more in-depth R&D activities, thereby facilitating the technology upgrading of the related industry, and, eventually and hopefully, increasing our national competitiveness at large.