Center for Nanomedicine Research


Nanomedicine is the application of nanotechnology (the engineering of tiny machines) to the prevention and treatment of disease in the human body. Nanomedicine exploration is the biologically motivated discovery and development that will incorporate nanotechnology tools, devices and processes to provide fundamental insights into cellular function and dysfunction, and leading to therapeutic interventions for disease. This discipline is still in its infancy. It has the potential to change medical science dramatically in the 21st century.


The Center for Nanomedicine Research at NHRI was officially established in 2004 to integrate the interdisciplinary research teams to explore the important medical issues provide possible resolutions to possible solutions to important medical diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutics that are still obstacles according to the current science and technology. The C-NMR/NI will also be responsible for promoting the applications of nanotechnology to medically important issues in Taiwan. The goals for C-NMR/NHRI are:

Core Facility