Division of Infectious Diseases


Title Name Extension E-mail
Interim Director; Distinguished Investigator Chungming Chang35501tonychang@nhri.org.tw
Distinguished Investigator Ih-Jen Su 65200 (Tainan) suihjen@nhri.org.tw
Investigator Leung-Kei Siu 35506 lksiu@nhri.org.tw
Associate Investigator Hsiu-Jung Lo 35516 hjlo@nhri.org.tw
Associate Investigator Tsai-ling Lauderdale 35519 lauderdale@nhri.org.tw
Assistant Investigator Fan-Chan Tseng 65250 (Tainan) 950119@nhri.org.tw
Assistant Investigator Horng-Yunn Dou 35529 940719@nhri.org.tw
Assistant Investigator Yao Chang 65266, 65257 (Tainan) yaochang@nhri.org.tw
Assistant Investigator Feng-Jui Chen 35532 (Zhunan) frchen@nhri.org.tw
Assistant Investigator & Attending Physician Chia-Yu Chi 65249, 65216 (Tainan) pedchi@nhri.org.tw
Research Associate Marine Ma 35507, 35508 (Zhunan) marine@nhri.org.tw

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Extension E-mail
Ya-Fang Wang 65251 (Tainan) 960931@nhri.org.tw
Shiang-Ning Leaw 35517 (Zhunan) snleaw@nhri.org.tw
Yu-Kuo Tsai35507 (Zhunan)971019@nhri.org.tw
Te-Pin Chang35517 (Zhunan)970128@nhri.org.tw

Administrative Staff

Title Name Extension E-mail
Secretary Nicole J.Y. Wang 35501 (Zhunan) necole@nhri.org.tw
  Yu-Wen Wang 35502 (Zhunan) winnie@nhri.org.tw
Secretary Maggie Chang 65201 (Tainan) 940944@nhri.org.tw
  Yi Wen Wang 65202 (Tainan) ywwang@nhri.org.tw

Telephone numbers

Telephone: (037) 246-166 (Zhunan);
Telephone: (06) 700-0123 (Tainan - The Uni-president Health Research Building)

Fax numbers

Fax: (037) 586-457 (Zhunan)
Fax: (06) 208-3466 (Tainan - The Uni-president Health Research Building)

Tainan Address

367, Sheng-Li Road, North District, Tainan City 704, Taiwan