Division of Gerontology Research


The mission of the Division of Gerontology Research (DGR) lies in the promotion of successful aging for the elderly in Taiwan through a wide spectrum of gerontological researches based on various scientific models. DGR works toward this mission specifically by:

Research Results

The NHRI Geriatrics Fellowship Training Program marks Taiwan's first orthodox and comprehensive training for clinical geriatricians. In spite of the absence of precedent and rarity of qualified geriatric faculty, the training program proved to be a pioneering success thanks to the joint efforts of National Taiwan University Hospital, National Taipei College of Nursing, and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. Generous support from the Department of Geriatrics Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center formed another driving force to help this ground-breaking program proudly train 15 geriatricians in two terms and achieved the following goals much needed to facilitate the ongoing development of geriatrics and eldercare in Taiwan: