Auditing Office


The main objective of Auditing Office is to evaluate the performance of each units of the NHRI through independent and impersonal auditing activities. It is hoped that the systems and policies of the NHRI can be truly adhered and followed. Moreover, the resources can be fully utilized and the efficacy and efficiency of management activities at the NHRI can be totally promoted. Under the supervision of the NHRI President's Office, the Auditing Office was established in July of 2004 to serve the following purposes:


Instead of guarding against what is harmful, the AO was established to promote what is beneficial for the NHRI. By finding problems in internal operations and information searching, collecting and data analysis, the AO provides operative information to the top management for making strategic policy. Furthermore, the AO is expected to play an important role in creating and adding values to the NHRI internal auditing and aim to reach the following goals: