Vaccine Research and Development Center



Title Name Extension No. E-mail
Distinguished Investigator / Director Pele Choi-Sing Chong 37700
Investigator Charles Sia 37708
Joint-appointed Investigator Suh-Chin Wu 03- 574- 2906
Assistant Investigator Levent Shih-Jen Liu 37709
Associate Investigator Leo Chih-Hsiang Leng 37711/37715
Associate Investigator Willy Hsin-Wei Chen 37706/37716
Assistant Investigator Shu-Ching Hsu 37707/37752
Assistant Investigator Joe Yan-Hung Chou 37738/37713
Assistant Investigator Peter Chien-Hsiung Pan 37727/37745
Assistant Investigator Ming-Hsi Huang 377845 huangminghsi

Adjunct Principal Investigators

Title Name Extension No. E-mail
Adjunct Investigator Shie-Liang Hsieh 02- 2826- 7161
Adjunct Associate Investigator Chiou-Ying Yang 04- 2284- 7148 ext. 241 cyyang@dragon.
Adjunct Assistant Investigator Jason Chih-Sheng Huang 02- 2826- 7148
Adjunct Assistant Investigator Wei-Cheng Lian 02- 2785- 0513 ext. 732

Postdoctoral Fellows

Title Name Extension No. E-mail
Postdoctoral Fellow Ming-Hsi Huang 37717
Postdoctoral Fellow Frieda Ai-Hsiang Chou 37716
Postdoctoral Fellow Alan Yung-Chih Hu 37737
Postdoctoral Fellow Hsuen-Wen Chang 37743
Postdoctoral Fellow Nandini Venkatesan 37715
Postdoctoral Fellow Yu-Ching Yeh 37716
Postdoctoral Fellow Hsuan-Hsu Chen 37752
Postdoctoral Fellow Fabian Ebenezer Chitra 37713

cGMP Production Operation

Title Name Extension No. E-mail
Chief of Operation Wen-Hsiang Chou 37710 (Zhunan);
02- 2785- 0513 ext. 725 (Taipei)
Project Management Department
Project Manager James Chien-Chih Yu 37749
Project Management Specialist Jennifer Liu 37749
Project Management Specialist Linda Ling-Hua Huang 37749
Project Management Specialist Sheena Ya-Ju Hsieh 37749
Facility & cGMP Warehouse Department
Technical Manager Mark Sin Li 37739
Technical Specialist Martini Wen-Chin Liao 37735
Technical Specialist Chun-Ta Chiu 37732
Technical Specialist Kaya Yun-Syuan Jhu 37725
QA Department
Technical Manager Meei-Jyuan Guo 37725
Assistant Manager Maggie Huei-Jyun Hsu 37729
Assistant Manager Kathryn Chen-Yu Huang 37712
Assistant Manager Vivian Shih-Hsing Chiang 37712
Technical Specialist Lilian Yu-Yun Huang 37712
MIS Assistant Arthur Ying-Jie Lin 37727
MIS Assistant Chin-Chi Hsu 37727
Administrative Units
Administrative Assistant Chou-Hui Chen 02- 2785- 0513 ext. 725
Administrative Assistant Zoe Wen-Chun Lin 37705 ext. 725

Administrative Staff

Title Name Extension No. E-mail
Associate Administrator Katharine Shao-Hsien Chan 37701
Associate Administrator Meelor Yu-Wen Shih 37710
Associate Administrator Connie Tien-Tien Wu 37702

Telephone: (037) 246-166 (Zhunan)