Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics


Title Name Extension No. E-mail
Director Chao A. Hsiung 36100 hsiung@nhri.org.tw
Associate Investigator Chin-Fu Hsiao 36106 chinfu@nhri.org.tw
Associate Investigator Chu-Chih Chen 36186 ccchen@nhri.org.tw
Associate Investigator Yen-Feng Chiu 36107 yfchiu@nhri.org.tw
Assistant Investigator Feng-Chi Chen 36111 fcchen@nhri.org.tw
Joint-appointed Investigator I-Shou Chang 36100 ischang@nhri.org.tw
Joint-appointed Investigator Jen-Pei Liu 36103 jpliu@nhri.org.tw
Joint-appointed Assistant Investigator Chung-Yen Lin 36108 cylin@nhri.org.tw
Visiting Professor Kung-Yee Liang - kyliang@nhri.org.tw
Visiting Professor Kiang Liu - kiangliu@nhri.org.tw
Research Associate 36113- lcy@nhri.org.tw

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Extension No. E-mail
Wen-Chang Wan 36113 wangwz@nhri.org.tw
Chin-Hao Chang 36178 chinhao@nhri.org.tw
Yu-J Liao 36178 jade@nhri.org.tw
Yeng-Li Lo 36178 doma1118@nhri.org.tw
Hsiao-Hui Tsou 36181 tsouhh@nhri.org.tw
Li-Chu Chien 36182 lcchien@nhri.org.tw
Chun-Hsi Chen 36118 pauhsi@nhri.org.tw

Administrative Staff

Title Name Extension No. E-mail
Secretary Suru Chang 36101 suru@nhri.org.tw
Scientific Manager Ying-Hao Chiu 36135 chiuyh@nhri.org.tw
Administrative Assistant Shu-Chuan Hu 36133 jan@nhri.org.tw

Telephone: (037) 246-166 (Zhunan)