Institute of Population Health Sciences


The Institute of Population Health Sciences has been formally established since October 2008 by integrating four existing research units:

  1. Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics,
  2. Division of Gerontology Research,
  3. Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Research and
  4. Center for Health Policy Research and Development.

The Institute is designated to better understand the determinants of individual and population of health, to achieve an internationally recognized excellence in research areas with focus on epidemiology, clinical trials, systems biology, geriatric medicine, mental health and drug addiction and disease prevention and health policy, and also to provide an organizational structure, such as to promote translation of evidence-based research and to bridge the gap between the research evidence and health policy implementation (Knowledge Translation). Dr. Chao Agnes Hsiung is the acting Director of the Institute, and Dr. Ken N. Kuo is the deputy Director.

Research Programs